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  • YES! Child Care Business Success Experts are here to Empower, Teach, Guide & Motive Leaders of The Child Care Industry.

    The CCBS Dream Team focuses on getting Child Care Businesses to Increase Profits, Motivate Teams, & Provide Leadership to guide you to an Awesome Business and Life! We Love! working with Child Care Business Owners, Directors and Child Care Teams to have ultimate Success in ALL of the areas of the Child Care industry.

    Our Mission: is to help the Child Care Teams, be more successful in attracting and retaining families, and have ultimate success for your Child Care Center. This results in a better experience for families and teachers, and most of all, a successful early learning experience for all of your children. Team CCBS Coaching/Consulting helps you:

    • Increase revenue and increase steady profits

    • Learn specific Child Care marketing and business skills

    • Expand your reach and find new customers

    • Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your Child Care Business

    • Boost clarity about your business vision

    • Create sustainable motivation and accountability with your CC Team

    • Manage your time wisely

    • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first

    • Stop feeling overwhelmed

  • The Cox Crew!

    Adrian, Kennedy and Marv.... Makes up the Fun Loving, Crazy, Goal Oriented Cox Crew!  We Love Family Time, Vacations, Sports, Movies and Hanging out with our Wonderful Group of Friends and Family!