• Workshops

  • With  years of experience working with and speaking to people on all levels, Marv has developed a unique and effective process that improves human potential, puts healthy habits into action, and assists organizations and individuals to identify and Enterprise their PASSIONS! for continuous success. Marv travels all around the country speaking to Child Care Center, Businesses, corporations, associations, healthcare organizations, sales groups, government agencies, colleges, universities, conferences, conventions, and private organizations about YES! Success business and life. Her teach style is dynamic, interactive, real, fun, and entertaining. Marv wakes up, energizes, inspires, challenges, and empowers audience participants to achieve results in business & Life.

  • Building an Attitude of YES-cellence

    PASSION-PUSHER! is a dynamic, energizing, funny, fun, and engaging seminar session filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person with a resilient and brilliant outlook on work and life. Marv Cox will help your Team to see, strive for, and achieve higher levels of excellence, daily. Marv will cover a spectrum of ideas, including YES-Attitude, employee morale, team building, accountability, leadership, creative thinking, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, how to motivate and inspire others to YES-Success, The power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, work - life balance, excellence, and how to effectively give yourself YES-cellence:

  • YES-xcelling in Teamwork

    Is your team moving forward together or inundated with conflict? Do your team meetings consist more of bickering than collaborating? Do you have some team members who are everyday peak performing superstars, while others do just enough to get by? Winning teams do not just happen, they are created by committed leaders and team players who’ve learned how to motivate, inspire and guide their productive efforts to individual and organizational successes. Marv Cox's Excelling in Teamwork - action learning keynote / general session - shares awareness and strategies in the areas of teamwork, team dynamics, team problem-solving, and team decision-making. The structural and behavioral dimensions of building and leading an effective work team, task force or group are fully explored. He skillfully combines a highly substantive team building curriculum with ongoing indoor fun and safe team building activities to spark participant curiosity, motivation, trust, honest communication, and commitment to apply and practice individual and group learning gains immediately. You will also learn what it takes to develop leadership skills applicable to creating successful self-directed work teams, employee participation teams, interdepartmental task groups, and other group situations where combined efforts are needed to reach optimal team performance and desired outcomes.